Frequently Asked Questions

How does AssessMD work?

AssessMD is a tablet-based set of dynamic, interactive mental health assessments that quickly and easily screen for emotional and mental health disorders and provide tools to deliver more accurate diagnosis and effective patient care.

What types of disorders can AssessMD evaluate?

AssessMD evaluates for a variety of disorders, including depression, general anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, persistent depressive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder.

What types of student risks can AssessFAST evaluate?

AssessFAST evaluates for risk of bullying/bullied, depression, self-harm and suicide.

How long does it take to complete an AssessMD evaluation?

Most screenings are administered in as little as 2 to 4 minutes. Our AssessMD proprietary software determines outcomes in real-time while the patient completes the assessment and provides the healthcare provider with immediate scoring/reporting.

How are the assessment results delivered?

Reporting is available immediately upon completion of the assessment. AssessMD provides the healthcare professional with information about the likelihood of illness, the severity of symptoms and whether the patient meets the criteria for that illness.

What type of equipment is needed to use AssessMD?

AssessMD can run on most electronic devices that have access to a Wi-Fi network. Contact us for more information.

What is Symptom Level Determination Software (SLDS)?

AssessMD utilizes proprietary Symptom Level Determination Software™ (SLDS) to calculate the test results in real-time as the patient is completing the assessment. SLDS quickly determines if patients meet the specific criteria for a given disorder, minimizing the time spent on testing. Clinicians instantly receive detailed reports indicating the likelihood and severity of mental health disorders. 

What benefit does AssessMD offer healthcare professionals?

AssessMD simplifies treatment monitoring for improved care opportunities, alerts the healthcare professional to potential high-risk patients, and provides an Automated Result Tracker report, which enables the rapid interpretation of results.

What benefit does AssessFAST offer educators, counselors or administrators?

AssessFAST offers a simple and efficient method for the early identification of children and teens with potential mental health disorders. Using AssessMD, educators and administrators can better assist students at risk for depression, bullying and suicide.

What benefit does AssessMD offer Partners?

AssessMD offers a powerful software engine, capable of tabulating scores and making real-time assessments. It is an excellent confidential screening system with secure data storage. The powerful AssessMD Results Tracker allows researchers to have instant access to more variables including the approximated score of several other popular testing tools.

What benefit does AssessMD offer to individuals?

AssessMD can help individuals working with their healthcare professionals to uncover potential mental health disorders for themselves and for their loved ones. Ask your doctor for more information about AssessMD.