Improving Mental Health in our Schools

An estimated 50% of mental health issues begin before the age of 14, suicide is now the third leading cause of death in adolescents.

An estimated 50% of mental health issues begin before the age of 14, suicide is now the third leading cause of death in adolescents.

Recent tragedies in schools are linked to mental health disorders and are devastating to students, parents, teachers and school administrators–our entire community.

AssessFAST was developed to help Identify at-risk students early in their development so they can get the treatment they so desperately need. 

AssessFAST provides a solution for simple, early assessment of children and teens to help determine those who may be at risk.

How It Works

AssessFAST is a sophisticated tablet-based risk assessment tool that effectively screens students for risk of bullying, depression and suicide. The multiple-choice tests are taken by the student on a computer or tablet, administered by the school and can be completed in just a few minutes. 

AssessMD Bully Test

Your students will tell us what they won't tell you.

Studies have proven that people are more likely to be honest when completing a questionnaire on a tablet than in speaking to someone. AssessFAST is an effective way to ensure your students are safe, healthy and thriving in their learning environment.


AssessFAST provides:

  • Screening for bullying/bullied risk and mental health disorders
  • Accurately assess risk without labeling students
  • Instant results
  • Self-harm and suicide risk alert
  • History of previous results to track progress

Types of Assessments

Student taking depression test

Designed to allow for secure, portable yet robust assessment, the tool automatically scores and evaluates for the signs and symptoms of:

  • Depression
    - Suicide Risk
    - Self Harm
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying and Bullied Risk
  • ADHD

Questions are written at an age-appropriate level and are available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. 

Instant Results

Bully Results on Tablet

With instant, robust reporting, AssessFAST provides educators and administrators the essential information they need to help determine the mental health of the student and better assist those at risk for depression, bullying and suicide.

Grants & Pilot Programs

AssessFAST is provided to educational institutions at an affordable flat rate for unlimited tests per calendar year. Grants and Pilot Programs are also available on a limited basis. 

Please contact us for a free demo and to learn more about how you can join us in improving the health of students in our schools.


How does mental health affect our schools?

  • One half of all mental health issues begin before age 14
  • Suicide is now the 3rd leading cause of death for young adults ages 10-24
  • Fewer than one half of children with a mental health disorder receive treatment each year
  • Over 50% of children with a mental disorder drop out of high school

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