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Child Bipolar Disorder Assessment

AssessMD provides an evaluation tool for Child Bipolar Disorder. Although Child Bipolar Disorder is significantly less common than Adult Bipolar Disorder, it must be considered when evaluating children for other more common conditions, like ADHD. Recognizing the extensive overlap of symptoms in childhood mental disorders, AssessMD was designed to help the clinician tease apart these symptoms when attempting to arrive at a diagnosis.

Once a patient completes the AssessMD Child Bipolar Disorder Questionnaire the results are immediately available to the clinician on the AssessMD Result Tracker.

AssessMD Child Bipolar Disorder Assessment

Administration Method
Electronic Tablet or any small device with a standardized web browser (e.g. iPad)
Administration Time
1-2 Minutes
  • Indicates the possibility of Child Bipolar Disorder
  • Indicates if a patient meets DSM-V criteria for Bipolar Disorder
For Use Alone or in Combination with the Following Tests for Differential Diagnosis
  • AssessMD™ Child Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Assessment
  • AssessMD Child Bipolar Disorder Assessment
  • AssessMD Child Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment
  • AssessMD Child Conduct Disorder Assessment
  • AssessMD Child Oppositional Defiance Disorder Assessment
  • AssessMD Child Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia) Assessment

Clinicians can opt to use the AssessMD Child Master Assessment, which includes all of the above tests.