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Today's healthcare companies face increasing regulatory pressures to address mental health in patients. Studies have proven that identifying mental health issues is a critical step in properly diagnosing patients, and best practice guidelines advocate integrating mental health as an essential part of high quality patient care. Fortunately, reimbursements exist to promote the use of mental health testing.

Why AssessMD™

Doctor reviewing AssessMD results

AssessMD is an reimbursable electronic assessment that instantly identifies the likelihood and severity of a broad range of mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar, pain inventory and more. AssessMD gives doctors the ability to better diagnose and treat patients by providing a comprehensive view of the patient's overall mental and physical symptoms before visiting with the patient.

Benefits of AssessMD

AssessMD provides the ideal solution for any healthcare company wanting to incorporate mental health testing into their workflow.

  • Offers a compelling ROI solution

  • Streamlines workflow through patient-driven testing

  • Runs on any device or through simple integration utilizing our web API

  • Generates the documentation to help meet Joint Commission, Meaningful Use and ACO guidelines for mental health

Simple Integration Into Your System or Workflow 

Whether utilized as a stand-alone product or seamlessly integrated into your system, AssessMD effectively supports any patient workflow.

Waiting Room or Triage
Remote Healthcare
Mobile Healthcare
AssessMD Patient Portal
  • Use our system, or easily integrate into yours

  • Highly scalable

  • Safe & secure

    • Store PHI in a HIPAA compliant environment

    • Capable of using your internal keys to store completely non-identifiable data, reducing the need for complex chain-of-trust agreements

Individualized Testing, Better Results

AssessMD tablet with depression results

AssessMD utilizes its Symptom Level Determination Software (SLDS) to calculate test results in real time as the patient is completing the assessment.

Upon test completion, the AssessMD Results Tracker provides immediate, comprehensive reporting concerning the likelihood of illness, the severity of symptoms and whether the patient meets DSM-V criteria for the disorder.

The Results Tracker also enables private and secure storage of past test results to allow tracking of patient progress over time.

How It Works

Using sophisticated testing algorithms, AssessMD can accurately identify and evaluate mental health disorders in just minutes. It provides instant, detailed reports of the likelihood and severity of a variety of mental health conditions. 

In a typical workflow, patients take an AssessMD assessment on a tablet—or any device—prior to seeing the doctor. The assessment takes around 2-4 minutes to complete, on average. Questions are randomized and layered, and are triggered based on responses. Patients who do not meet specific disorder criteria stop after abbreviated testing, while other patients whose scores warrant further evaluation complete additional questions. 

  • Individualized, patient-driven testing

  • Integrates easily into any workflow

  • Reimbursable

  • Available in multiple languages

  • Can be administered to both adults and children

Typical Patient Workflow (Clinic)

Maintain Compliance

AssessMD mental health assessments give you instant access to in-depth reporting, ongoing tracking and secure patient record keeping, allowing organizations to remain compliant with the latest guidelines and regulations. 

  • Proactively addresses Accountable Care Organization (ACO) #18 requirement for mental health and mental disorder screening with suicidality metric

  • Approximates to 6 “standardized clinical depression tools” including the CES-D

  • Study showed a Pearson Correlation of .939 for the depression test

  • Monitors ongoing treatment pathway as “follow-up plan for positive results”

  • Meets ACO requirements for depression screening of children ages 12 and up


AssessMD provides mental health testing solutions for:

  • Providers

  • EMRs

  • TeleHealth

  • Mobile Healthcare

  • Health Systems

  • Schools

  • Not-for-profits

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