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Adult Bipolar Disorder Assessment

The AssessMD Adult Bipolar Assessment allows for quick discrimination between the different categories of Bipolar Disorder.

AssessMD recognizes that Bipolar Disorder is characterized by the presence of Manic or Hypomanic episodes that most often fluctuate with periods of Major Depressive episodes. Consequently, it is important for the clinician to have available to them the information related to a patient’s history of Major Depressive Disorder.

AssessMD utilizes our Symptom Level Determination Software to search AssessMD’s data for a patient’s history of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), if present, or initiate and evaluation for current MDD. The Depression results will be reported with the results of the Manic/Hypomanic episode evaluation.

Results will also identify self-harm or suicide risks.

AssessMD Adult Bipolar Disorder Assessment

Administration Method
Electronic Tablet or any small device with a standardized web browser (e.g. iPad)
Minimum of 16, Maximum of 36 Randomized Questions, depending on the patient’s likelihood of Bipolar Disorder
Administration Time
2-4 Minutes
  • Indicates the possibility of Manic Episodes
  • Indicates whether patient may meet Bipolar Disorder criteria
  • Stratification of patients into categories:
    • Bipolar Disorder I, Manic Episode
    • Bipolar Disorder II, Hypomanic
    • Bipolar Disorder Criteria Not Met
  • Indicates whether the patient meets (or has met criteria in the past) for Major Depressive Disorder criteria
  • Indicates if a patient meets DSM-V criteria
  • Evaluates, documents and reports suicidal risk in patients who meet criteria
  • Identifies risks for self-harm
Approximates the Score of the Following Tests*
  • Mood Disorder Questionnaire
  • Black Dog Institute self-test
For Use Alone or in Combination with the Following Tests for Differential Diagnosis
  • AssessMD Adult Major Depressive Disorder Assessment
  • AssessMD Adult Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment
  • AssessMD Adult Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia)

Clinicians can opt to use the AssessMD Adult Master Assessment, which includes all of the above tests.